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Business Reports to Track & Grow Recurring Revenues

Easily access powerful business tools & reports in the office and on your phone.

Payment Tracking

Easy tracking and reconciliations for recurring clients

No finance hassle! No more payment screenshots, lost payments or messy reconciliations. With HelixPay all payment statuses are updated in real time with clear summaries and reports.

  • Real time payment confirmations.

  • Clear payment status per customer.

  • Easy to read financial reports.

  • World-class analytics included free with

    Powerful business dashboards to track subscriptions

    View your key business metrics anytime, anywhere even on mobile.

  • Business KPIs customized for subscriptions & recurring revenues.

  • Analytics dashboards included in your HelixPay account.

  • Easily share dashboard with your team with simple web link.

  • Stay up to date on your business performance.

  • Track which products or services have the most subscribers

  • Learn which products or services are the most popular.

  • Focus on your best sellers or consider promos and adjustments for less popular offerings.

  • Powerful cohort-level retention analytics

    Customer lifetime value is the key metric for long-term business success but can be difficult to measure. HelixPay makes this accessible.

  • Repurchase rates and retention performance per month.

  • Subscriptions can enable 5-10x revenue growth over a 12-24 month period.

  • Quickly see changes in retention performance and adjust business strategies accordingly.

  • Never search for missing payments again

    Easy to read weekly financial reports with every transaction, price and customer detail.

  • Delivered automatically via email & accessible on your console.

  • Give your finance team direct access to your reports.

  • HelixPay customer support is always available for any questions.